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Z4 series DC motor-Xima DC motor

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Z4 series DC motors: The center height of 100 ~ 355mm is a standard series of small DC motors specified by the machinery industry standard of the People's Republic of China JB / T6316-92 "Technical Conditions of Z4 Series DC Motors"; the center height of 400 ~ 450mm is outside the standard series Expansion of the Z4 DC motor; the center height of 500-710mm is a new medium-sized DC motor developed by our factory. This series of Xima motors can be widely used in metallurgical industry rolling mills, metal cutting machine tools, papermaking, dyeing and weaving, printing, cement, plastic extrusion machinery and other industrial sectors.
Z4 series DC motors have greater advantages than Z2 and Z3 series. It can not only be powered by DC unit power, but also more suitable for stationary rectifier power supply. Moreover, the moment of inertia is small, it has good dynamic performance, and can withstand a high load change rate. It is especially suitable for control systems that require smooth speed regulation, high efficiency, automatic stable speed, and responsiveness, and has the international advanced level today.
The rating of the motor is a continuous rating for continuous work. In areas where the altitude does not exceed 1000m and the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, the motor can be rated for operation according to the data in the technical data sheet. This series of Xima motors use F-class insulation.
The power range of Xi'an Xima Z4 series DC motors is from 1.5kW to 840kW, and there are nine kinds of rated speeds of 3000, 1500, 1000, 750, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200r / min. It is 180V. In addition to the above-specified levels, other power, armature voltage, rotation speed, and excitation voltage values can be derived according to specific conditions and user needs.
For a motor with a rated voltage of 160V, in the case of single-phase bridge rectifier power supply, it is generally necessary to work with a reactor. The inductance value of the external reactor is indicated on the motor nameplate. Motors with a rated voltage of 440V do not require external reactors.
The performance of this series of motors not only meets the national standard GB / T755 "Basic Technical Requirements for Rotating Motors", but also basically meets the German VDE0530 standard.
Structure Introduction
(1) Basic structure
Z4 series DC motor adopts octagonal full lamination structure, which not only has high space utilization rate, but also can withstand pulsating current and fast load current change when it is powered by static rectifier.
Z4 series DC motors generally do not have series excitation windings, and are suitable for automatic control technology that requires forward and reverse rotation. Can also be made with series excitation winding according to user needs. Motors with a center height of 100 to 280 mm have no compensation windings, but motors with a center height of 250 mm and 280 mm can be made with compensation windings according to specific conditions and needs. Motors with a center height of 315 to 450 mm have compensation windings.
The overall installation dimensions and technical requirements of the motor with a center height of 500 to 710mm are in accordance with IEC international standards, and the mechanical dimension tolerances of the motors are in accordance with ISO international standards.
(2) Cooling method, structure and installation form
IC06: External ventilation with blower;
ICl7: The cooling air inlet is a pipe, and the outlet is a louver exhaust;
IC37: The inlet and outlet of cooling air are all pipes;
IC611: Fully enclosed with air / air cooler;
ICW37A86: Fully enclosed with air / water cooler.
And there are many derived forms, such as self-ventilated, with axial fan type, closed type, air / air cooler type. The cooling air volume, wind pressure, and fan motor power required for each frame size motor are shown in Table 1. The basic protection grade of the entire series of motor enclosures is IP21S.
cabin seat no Air volume (m3 / h) Static pressure (Pa) Fan motor
Power (kW) Frequency (Hz) Three-phase voltage (V)
Z4-100 160 200 0.04 50 380
Z4-112 / 2 220 300 0.06
Z4-112 / 4-1 220 300 0.06
Z4-112 / 4-2 360 450 0.18
Z4-132 360 450 0.18
Z4-160 790 600 0.37
Z4-180 1600 950 1.1
Z4-200 1600 950 1.1
Z4-225 3000 1400 3.0
Z4-250 3000 1400 3.0
Z4-280 4000 1600 4.0
Z4-315 5200 1600 5.5
Z4-355 5200 1600 5.5
Z4-400 7200 1800 5.5
Z4-450 9000 1800 7.5

The installation form of this series of Xima motors complies with the requirements of GB / T997 "Motor Structure Installation Types and Codes". Except for the axial distance of the foot hole (B dimension), the other dimensions meet the IEC standards.
The position of the motor outlet box is viewed from the transmission end (not the commutator end) on the right side of the frame (that is, the positive box). If the user requires the outlet box to be placed on the other side of the frame, specify the reverse box when ordering. The basic output shaft of the motor is uniaxial extension, and the output shaft direction facing the outlet box (positive box) is the left outlet shaft. It can also be made into biaxial extension if required by the user. The basic direction of rotation of the shaft is viewed counterclockwise from the end of the commutator. The transmission mode of the electric motor is an elastic coupling connection, and it can also be used for a certain radial force transmission mode (belt or gear transmission).
Accessories for electric motors
According to the user's needs, the motor can be designed into a structural form that can be equipped with a speed measuring generator, pulse generator, centrifugal switch and brake, etc. The specific requirements can be negotiated with our factory.
Note: The specifications, power, and field weakening speed adjustment range in the technical data table are for reference only. In order to continuously adopt new technologies and new materials, the data in the table may change.
Quality assurance
Xima Electric (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of large and medium-sized, high and low voltage, AC and DC motors. It is a set of motor design, manufacturing, electrical control, machining, mold, casting, transportation and other automation and complete engineering. Systematic powertrain provider. The scale of production and sales ranks among the top in the national motor industry, and it has maintained a rapid growth trend for 7 consecutive years. And in 2004 it was shortlisted in the top 500 of China's machinery industry, and in 2005 it ranked 58th in China's electrical industry. In 1995, it took the lead in obtaining ISO9001-1994 quality system certification in the industry. In August 2005, it passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification of China Quality Certification Center (CQC). In May 2006, it passed the ISO14000 environmental management system and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. At the same time, it passed the European "CE", the United States "UL", and the national safety compulsory "CCC" certification. Leading products may have won honorary titles such as "Ministry, Province, and City Famous Brand Products", "Xi'an Exempted Products", and "China's Light Famous Brand Products".
In order to improve the quality of various mechanical and electrical products, strengthen pre-sale and after-sales service, and make customers assured of satisfaction, Xima Electric resolutely implements the "Quality Assurance Statement" of eight units of the scientific research and design institute of the machine tool industry of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, and earnestly implements the items in the statement. Clauses, and in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, to ensure that:
1. Conscientiously implement the relevant national standards, and strictly manufacture and inspect the products produced in accordance with the technical requirements of the standard cargo contract.
Second, the final assembly of various finished products such as product measurement bases. After the online commissioning is completed, the assembly staff can perform inspections after 72 hours of operation. The machine can be tested in accordance with relevant standards to improve the performance of new products. Product reliability, eliminating early failures.
3. Under normal sales conditions, the above-mentioned products are delivered on schedule. Functional parts are guaranteed to be delivered within three months, and special circumstances can lead to early delivery. In the event of a delay, compensation will be implemented in accordance with the new measures of the "97" in the quality.
4. In the process of using the product, if the customer finds a quality problem, after receiving the customer's notification, it is guaranteed to reply within 24 hours. If on-site service is needed, it will be started within 48 hours, and the maintenance staff will not be evacuated if the failure is not ruled out.
Fifth, the product leaves the factory and the technical documents are complete. For all product quality problems, three guarantees will be provided for repairs. Product repairs still fail to meet the factory requirements, and the products will be returned or replaced.
Sixth, Xima motor products are sold for a lifetime cost warranty.
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1. Please consult the Xi'an Xima motor product samples before ordering, determine the model specifications and other data of the required products, and select the standard specifications products listed in the samples as much as possible. In the order contract, please indicate the motor model, power, voltage, Data such as rotation speed, excitation method, excitation voltage, and structure installation form, such as Z4-180-31 37kW 400V 1000r / min separately excited 180V, horizontal with feet or IMB3.
2. When there are special requirements for the product, such as biaxial extension, reverse position of the outlet box, reverse rotation of the rotating shaft, etc., they must be clearly stated in the contract.
3. If the required variety specifications are not listed in this sample, or if there are other special requirements, a contract or trial production agreement is signed after the two parties have agreed to the agreement.
4. Except for the shaft extension key of the motor, all accessories of Xi'an Xima Motor are not included in the scope of supply. If users need accessories or spare parts, such as brushes, brush holders, etc., please specify in advance the contract. Names, specifications and quantities of accessories or spare parts.
5. If the use environment is special and needs to be made into a wet tropical type, please indicate "TH" after the original model.
Z4 series DC motor (installation size and shape) —— Xi'an Xima motor installation form
The installation form of this series of motors conforms to the requirements of GB / T997 "Motor Structure Installation Types and Codes". Except for the axial distance of the foot hole (B dimension), the other dimensions are in accordance with IEC standards.
Z4-180——Z4-315 horizontal, end cap with feet (IMB3)
Z4-355——Z4-450 horizontal, end cap with feet (IMB3)
Xi'an Xima Motor's service pledge: Xi'an Xima Motor assures you that the motors sold by our company are all authentic Xima brand motors. A 17% value-added tax invoice is issued. Invoices are sent by courier and will not be shipped with the product to avoid loss. Users can rely on the motor purchase contract and Xima motor product invoices, and can enjoy one year warranty service.
Xi'an Xima Motor provides you with competitive motor prices and good after-sales service policies, please rest assured to buy!
Title: Z4 Series DC Motor-Xima DC Motor
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