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SS4G electric locomotive

Author: admin Time: 2014-04-19 22:57

The Shaoshan 4 modified (SS4G) electric locomotive is composed of two independent and interconnected locomotive, each locomotive is a complete system.

The main circuit uses four economic half-control bridges and phase-controlled voltage regulation. Traction characteristics with constant voltage or constant current control and resistance braking characteristics with constant speed or constant excitation control.

Air brake adopts dk-1 electric air brake. Each locomotive has two two-axle bogies. Traction motor adopts axle suspension type. The vertical force transmission system consists of two sections of suspension devices, of which the second series uses rubber-metal laminated springs, which has good wave performance. The traction force transmission system adopts a diagonally-pulling low-position tow bar, which has high adhesion performance. The car body widely uses high-strength low-alloy structural steel.

Technical Parameters

Use: Mainline freight

Shaft type: 2 (bo-bo)

Network pressure: 25kv, 50hz

Rated power: 6400kw

Maximum speed: 100km / h

Continuous speed: 51.5km / h

Maximum traction: 636.5kn

Continuous traction: 450kn

Hanging method: semi-hanging

Braking method: resistance braking, air braking

Electric braking power: 5570kw

Total locomotive weight: 184t

Axle load: 23t

Coupler center distance: 2 × 16,416mm

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