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GK1C hydraulic transmission diesel locomotive

Author: admin Time: 2013-09-06 22:58

GK1C diesel locomotive is a hydraulic transmission shunting diesel locomotive developed for large industrial and mining enterprises. The locomotive is equipped with a economical and reliable 6240ZJ medium-speed diesel engine and a ZJ4014G Y-type hydraulic transmission box with hydraulic reversing function. It is suitable for shunting and small operation of large industrial and mining enterprises such as mines, metallurgy, petrochemicals and ports.

The main technical parameters

Use: Shunting and small operation

Gauge: 1435mm

Shaft type: C0-C0

Wheel diameter: 1050mm

Axle weight: 23t or 25t

Loading power of diesel engine: 1000kW

Minimum curve radius: 70m

Maximum speed: shunting / small operation 35 / 75km / h

Continuous speed: Shunting / Small operation 10 / 14km / h

Starting traction: Shunting / Small operation 297 / 230kN

Continuous traction: Shunting / Small operation 243 / 150kN

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