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YE2 series high efficiency and energy saving motor

Author: admin Time: 2016-05-05 10:07

YE2 series high efficiency and energy saving motor

I. Overview of YE2 series high efficiency and energy saving motor

YE2 series motor is a new high-efficiency motor that our company introduced in response to the national energy saving policy in 2012. YE2 motor is a fully enclosed self-fan-cooled squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor for general use. This series of motors have the same installation dimensions as the Y and Y2 series, and are the replacement products of the Y and Y2 series motors. The installation size and power level comply with the IEC standard, the enclosure protection level is IP55, the cooling method is IC411, the continuous working system (S1), the terminal box position is the top outlet, and the energy efficiency level is: level 3. This series of motors uses cold-rolled silicon steel sheets as magnetically permeable materials, and the efficiency meets European eff1 standards, and has already reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad. It is an updated product that the country will vigorously promote in the next few years.

YE2 series motors are suitable for driving mechanical equipment without special requirements, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, food machinery, etc.

YE2 series motor has high efficiency, energy saving, high stall torque, low noise, low vibration, safe and reliable operation. YE2-80 ~ 355 motor meets the new national GB / 18613-2012 standard. YE2-80 ~ 355 motor adopts f-class insulation. The rated voltage is 380V and the rated frequency is 50Hz. The power of 3kW and below is the Y connection method; other powers are △ connection method. The altitude where the motor is running does not exceed 1200m; the ambient air temperature varies with the season, but does not exceed 40 ° C; the minimum ambient air temperature is -15 ° C; the average maximum relative humidity of the wettest month is 90%; mean monthly minimum temperature of the month Not higher than 25 ° C.

The motor has a shaft extension, which can be made into a double shaft extension according to the needs of the user. The second shaft extension can also transmit the rated power, but it can only be driven by a coupling.

According to user needs, other power, voltage, frequency, wet tropical (TH), protection level and other motors can also be supplied.

Ordering instructions for YE2 series high-efficiency energy-saving motors

1. Please indicate the motor model, power, speed, voltage, frequency, noise and installation type when ordering. If the noise level is not specified, they will be delivered as level 2.

2. For 2-pole motors of 5.5kW and above and 4-pole motors of 37kW and above cannot be driven by belts.

3. If there are special requirements, please indicate in the contract and contact the manufacturer in advance.

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