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Professional sima motor manufacturer-xi'an motor factory

Author: admin Time: 2014-10-13 12:12

Xi'an Xima Motor Marketing Department Network News: The motors produced by Xi'an Motor Factory are Xima Motors. As a professional motor manufacturer, the main products of Xima Motors produced by Xi'an Motor Factory are: DC motors, asynchronous motors, variable frequency speed-regulated motors, and frequency converters. Motors, high-voltage motors, AC motors, Y-series three-phase asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, speed-regulating motors, high-efficiency motors, energy-saving motors, slip-ring motors, energy-efficient motors, wire-wound motors, fan motors, water pump motors, motor motors, High voltage motors, slip ring motors, AC motors, DC motors, three-phase asynchronous motors, three-phase AC asynchronous motors, variable frequency motors, winding motors, and winding motors.
Xima professional motor manufacturer guarantees quality and service:
1. As a well-known domestic motor manufacturer in Xi'an, all employees understand and strictly implement the company's quality policy and goals, and take quality management manuals and procedures as the guidelines for all employees' quality behavior.
2. Special, large, high-tech products can provide users with training for installation, use, and maintenance personnel. If necessary, they can send long-term professional technical service teams to implement services.
3. For major and special products, according to the requirements of the contract, a quality supervision and production team on behalf of the user may be established to implement the user supervision or in-plant inspection procedures.
4. Strictly arrange production according to the contract delivery time to ensure delivery on time.
5. Ensure meticulous design, meticulous manufacturing, and strict production according to drawings and standardized procedures. Handle product quality problems so that no reason is found, no responsibility is left unchecked, and no corrective action is left, to ensure that the product meets technical requirements and contract requirements.
6. Guarantee to provide qualified products, guarantee to provide high-quality services, and guarantee the priority to provide spare parts. During the product quality guarantee period, it is a product quality problem, and the liability for compensation stipulated in the contract is strictly performed.
7. The ex-factory products comply with national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards, and technical conditions stipulated in the contract, and meet user requirements.
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