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What is the reason why Simma cannot start?

Author: admin Time: 2014-12-03 10:56

On December 3, 2014, Xi'an Xima Motor Factory News: Many users purchased our Xima Motor and the reasons why they could not start suddenly, so how did these reasons come into being? The sales office of Xi'an Xima Motor Factory is edited as Everyone introduce:
Take our Xima three-phase asynchronous motor as an example. There are many factors that can not start the three-phase asynchronous motor. It should be analyzed in detail and checked carefully according to the actual situation and symptoms. It cannot be forced to start multiple times, especially when the motor makes an abnormal noise. In case of overheating, the power should be cut off immediately, and the cause should be checked after the cause is eliminated and eliminated to prevent the fault from expanding.
The Xima Motor Sales Office concluded that there are several reasons why the three-phase asynchronous motor cannot start:
1.The stator or rotor winding is open
2.The power is not connected
3. Short circuit between stator windings
4. Stator winding grounding
5.Overload or transmission machinery quilt
6. Stator winding wiring error
7. Control device wiring is wrong or damaged
8. Fuse is blown
9. Rotor copper bars are loose
10.The old starter switch oil cup is short of oil
11. There is no lubricating oil in the bearing, and the shaft expands due to heat, which prevents rotation in the bearing. 12. The overcurrent relay is adjusted too small.
12.Bearing damage
14. The rotor resistance of the wound rotor motor is improperly equipped.
15. Wrong start operation of wound rotor motor
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Title: What is the reason why Xima Electric cannot start?
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