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Nanyang explosion-proof motor won the title of "standardized good behavior demonstration enterprise"

Author: admin Time: 2016-01-04 09:33

Xi'an Xima Motor Group Co., Ltd. News: On December 16, the 2015 China Electrical Equipment Standardization Working Conference and the Second Sixth Conference of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Standardization Working Committee organized by the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and co-organized by the China Quality Certification Center Held in Beijing. The meeting summarized the standardization work of the electrical industry in 2014, fully implemented the standardization reform plan of the State Council and the spirit of the 2015 National Standardization Work Conference, deployed the standardization work of the electrical industry in 2015, strengthened the construction of the electrical standards system, consolidated the foundation for standardization development, and accelerated the supply of standards. , Promote the internationalization of standards, improve the advancedness, effectiveness and adaptability of standards, and promote the comprehensive implementation of the "Made in China 2025" and "One Road, One Belt" strategies of the electrical appliance industry.
In response to the national standardization reform requirements of "higher corporate standards" and "adherence to simplified administration, decentralization, and decentralization, management", the evaluation of the "standardized good behavior" originally organized by the government encouraged industry social organizations to carry out. To this end, the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association organized the selection of the first "Good Electrical Appliance Enterprise Standardization Good Practice Demonstration Unit". Through declaration, industry recommendation, standardization secretariat organized expert review and publicity, 27 companies such as the group company were rated as "model units for good standardization of electrical industry enterprises" for the first time, and issued documents, certificates and plaques.
Nanyang explosion-proof motors attach great importance to standardization work and have established a comprehensive system of technical standards, management standards and work standards. Ex-factory products fully implement standards, with a standard acceptance rate of 100%. The implementation of the standards brings considerable economic and social benefits to enterprises. Enterprises actively participate in industry standardization activities, leading the drafting of 2 national standards, 19 industry standards, and participating in drafting countries. There are 18 standards and 49 industry standards for a total of 88 items. A standard library and a paper standard library for the company's informational PLM system have been established. The technical standardization system includes 3730 standards, the military nuclear power technology standardization system includes 3,026 national industrial enterprise standards, and 51,706 national paper stock standards to meet the company's product development needs.
Nanyang Explosion-proof Motor will take the opportunity to win the "standardized good behavior demonstration unit" as an opportunity to seize the great opportunity of cooperation with Wolong Group and continue to create a new platform for the standard service of new enterprise production, so that it can play a more important role in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, innovation and development Great effect.

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