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Xi'an's Notice on Hosting the “2016 School of Electrical Engineering (School) President Forum”

Author: admin Time: 2016-08-31 16:57

Relevant units:

In order to promote the development of the discipline of electrical engineering, improve the quality of personnel training in the discipline of electrical engineering, and strengthen exchanges between electrical engineering colleges and universities across the country, it is planned to hold the "2016 Electrical Engineering Institute (School) President" in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province on August 11, 2016. Forum ", the conference will be the special forum of the 7th China International Conference on Power Supply (CICED2016) (August 10-13). This forum is hosted by the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering and the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering and is organized by the School of Electrical Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The forum sincerely invites the deans (schools) in the field of electrical engineering to attend the dean's forum, and welcomes to participate in CICED2016. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Conference time August 09: Register in the lobby of the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Xi'an Qujiang all day.
August 10: CICED2016 conference opening ceremony, keynote speech.
Register at Xi'an Qujiang International Conference Center all day.
August 11: Dean's Forum Opening Ceremony, Keynote Report, Symposium.
August 12: CICED2016 technical seminar.
August 13: Technical visit.

2. Venue Venue: Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, Xi'an Qujiang International Conference Center Presidium Meeting Room (No. 15 Huixin Road, Yanta District)
Accommodation: Xi'an Qujiang Ramada Plaza Hotel: 029-65689154
Conference Registration: On August 09 in the lobby of the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Qujiang, Xi'an. Registered at the Qujiang International Conference Center in Xi'an on August 10.

3. Contents of the Forum The forum adopts a combination of report meetings and seminars. Through in-depth discussions, free exchanges, and full interactions, we will jointly explore talent training modes between universities, effectively strengthen the collaboration and communication of the School of Electrical Engineering, and promote the development of electrical engineering in China. The theme of the conference is to uphold the concept of "electrical engineering +", develop disciplines, and cultivate outstanding electrical engineering talents. The main topics are as follows:
1. Improving the education quality of electrical engineering 2. Engineering personnel training and professional construction 3. Scientific and technological projects in the field of electrical engineering

4. Matters related to the meeting

1. Conference fees:
2,000 yuan / person (including attendance at the CICED2016 conference, transportation, and accommodation costs are on their own behalf. Note: University representatives participating in the forum shall pay in accordance with the preferential registration standards for the CICED2016 conference before July 20.)
1500 yuan / person (only including the participation fee for the Dean's Forum, transportation and accommodation costs are on your own behalf)
2. Please return the receipt to the School of Electrical Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University before August 1 (Annex 1)
3. There will be no pick-up and drop-off station at the conference. Delegates are requested to go by themselves.
4. Meeting traffic information (see Annex 2. Notice of CICED2016 meeting).
5. Contact Information

China Electrical Engineering Society Contact: Xiao Weiwei 18612868810 E-mail:
Phone: 010-63416397 Fax: 010-63414319
Contact: Wang Hairu 18612868809 E-mail:
Phone: 010-63416743

School of Electrical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University Contact: Wang Xiaoyu 18681941317 E-mail:
Phone: 029-82668633 Fax: 029-82668324
China Electrotechnical Society Contact: Yan Zhuo 13811568655 E-mail:
Phone: 010-68595305 Fax: 010-68511242
Xi'an Xima Electric Group Co., Ltd.

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