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Xima high voltage motor YKK high voltage motor

Author: admin Time: 2016-05-05 09:58

Xima high voltage motor YKK high voltage motor
Xima high voltage motor YKK high voltage motor warehouse real shot

YKK series high-voltage motor H355-1000 cage three-phase asynchronous motor is one of the new series of large-scale AC motor replacement and replaces the old product of "JB2223-77" large three-phase asynchronous motor.


I. Structure Description

YKK series high-voltage motors allow full-voltage direct starting. If the load torque is not large, a step-down starting method can also be used. When the step-down starting is started, the starting torque of the motor is approximately proportional to the voltage square. J) If the value is within a certain range, the motor is allowed to start twice in the cold state and once in the hot state.

The frequency of this series of motor is 50Hz and voltage is 6kv and 10kv. Its characteristics are as follows:

Fully in line with national standards (GB / T13957-92)

Motor efficiency is improved on average over older products

The box-shaped structure is adopted to realize zero-meter layout, which is convenient for transportation, installation, repair and maintenance. Save the user's civil investment costs, and also can flexibly change the ventilation protection type of the motor according to user needs.

The stator winding of Xima high-voltage motor adopts "F" grade solvent-free immersion insulation system

Xima high-voltage motors use end-cover sliding bearings. To prevent oil leakage, the air-tight seal and floating labyrinth structure are used. The motors use cast aluminum or copper row rotors for reliable operation.

Ventilation and protection type: The motor is ventilated by radial self-ventilation. The cooling air enters from the axial side of the upper cover of the motor, passes through the interior of the motor and then is discharged from the upper cover on both sides of the radial direction.

The basic protection type of the motor is IP23, and the upper casing is derived from ducted IP44. The 4-12 pole motor can also be derived as a closed loop ventilated IP44 with water-air cooler and IPW24 as weather protection.


The series H355-1000 large three-phase cage asynchronous motors are suitable for light-duty starting fans and pumping machinery.

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