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YTM series special motor for high pressure mill

Author: admin Time: 2014-03-05 18:12

I. Overview

YTM, YHP, YMPS series 6KV coal mill three-phase asynchronous motors are closed cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motors. This series of motors are developed and designed according to the Ministry of Machinery Standard JB / 7129-93, and are specially used in power stations, mines, Various mills for metallurgy and other industries.

This series of motors have the advantages of large stall torque, large thermal capacity, reliable performance, and convenient installation and maintenance.

The structure and installation form of this series of motors is IMB3. The quota is a continuous quota based on the continuous working system (S1). The rated frequency of the motor is 50HZ and the rated voltage is 6KV. Other voltage levels or special requirements can be communicated with the user when ordering. Mutually agreed.

Model meaning

Example: YTM (YHP, YMPS) 4501-6

"YTM (YHP, YMPS)" means cage rotor asynchronous motor for barrel (bowl HP or YMPS) coal mill

"4501" means the center height of the base is 450mm, and the core length is 1

"6" represents the number of poles "

Third, ordering instructions

(The user must indicate the following requirements when ordering)

Motor model: YTMS4501-6 Installation method: IMB3

Rated power: 280kW Protection level: IP54

Rated voltage: 6000V Cooling method: IC611

Rated frequency: 50Hz Insulation class: Class F

Synchronous speed: 1000r / min Environmental conditions: 1000m above sea level, ambient temperature 40 ℃.

Note: Guaranteed value of efficiency and power factor and other special requirements please consult with the manufacturer

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