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Y.YR large horizontal three-phase asynchronous motor

Author: admin Time: 2014-03-05 18:09

Brand Cima Electric product type Three-phase asynchronous motor
model Number of poles pole
rated power (KW) Rated voltage (V)
Rated speed (Rpm) certified product CCC
Application range Fans, compressors, crushers and various industrial and mining enterprises are used as prime movers

I. Overview

Y, YR (IP23, IP44 duct ventilation), YKS, YRKS (IP44, IP54), center height H900 ~ 1000mm large three-phase asynchronous motors are new products of our factory in the 1990s, and their power levels, installation dimensions, and electrical performance are in line with IEC standard GB755 "Rated Motor Rating and Performance" and GB / T13957-92 "Technical Requirements for Basic Series of Large Three-phase Asynchronous Motors".

The Y and YR series are basic series with protection class IP23 or IP44 (pipe ventilation). The machine base is made of steel with a popular box structure, which has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, light weight, good rigidity and excellent electrical performance. Motors with different protection levels and different cooling methods can be derived according to user requirements. YKS, YRKS series air-water cooling motors are derived from Y, YR series. This product is more suitable for places with high ambient temperature and poor air circulation.

Y, YR, YKS, YRKS motors have a rated frequency of 50HZ, adopt F-class insulation, and rated voltages of 6000V and 10000V. Different frequencies and voltages can also be designed according to user requirements. The squirrel cage rotor is made of copper bar using advanced welding technology. The rotating shaft is generally uniaxial extension, and can also be made into biaxial extension according to requirements; YR series coils are made of F (H) grade insulation material wrapped with copper bars.

The bearing adopts end cover spherical plain bearing, which has strong load capacity and convenient maintenance. The main outlet box is designed according to the German DIN standard, and the protection level is IP54. It is generally installed on the right side of the motor (viewed from the main shaft extension end), and can also be installed on the left side according to user requirements. When the motor power is above 2000KW, a secondary outlet box is also provided on the other side of the motor, which is used to lead the neutral point of the three-phase wire group of the stator.

The motor ventilation method is natural ventilation cooling, which can also be made into duct ventilation, air-to-air cooling, and air-to-water cooling.

The motor is used to drive various ventilation machinery such as compressors, water pumps, crushers, cutting machine tools, transportation machinery and other equipment. If there is a special requirement for the moment of inertia, a technical agreement should be signed before ordering in order to use a special design to ensure the reliable operation of the motor.

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