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YX series 6KV / 10KV high-efficiency high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor

Author: admin Time: 2016-05-05 10:22

Xima YX series high efficiency high voltage motor
Center height: H400-H630
Power range (KW): 355-2000
Voltage: 6KV / 10KV
Protection class: IP23
Insulation class: F
Poles: 4-16
1.Xima YX series 6KV / 10KV large high-efficiency high-voltage motor overview
YX, YXKS, YXKK6kV series of high-efficiency high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors are the latest products of our company in the 21st century. They are the introduction and digestion of the design and manufacturing technology of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors from Westinghouse and ABB of Switzerland. Jointly developed by the institute and combined with our company's more than 60 years of long-term high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor design and manufacturing experience, a new generation of high-efficiency energy-saving motor products developed can be interchanged with Y series high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors to improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise ,Energy conservation.
The power levels, installation dimensions and tolerances of this series of motors are in accordance with national standards GB / T755 "Rating Motor Ratings and Performance" International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC34-1 "Rotating Motor Ratings and Performance" and GB / T13957 and mechanical industry standards JB / T7593 , JB / T10315.1, JB / T10315.2 and so on. In terms of electrical performance, the efficiency value is reduced by 20% based on the above standards, and other electrical properties meet the requirements of the above standards.
According to the GB / T4942.1 and IEC34-5 "Protection Grade of Rotating Motor Housing", the protection grades of this series of motors are respectively IP23, IPW24, IP44 and IP54. IP23 motor can be made into IP44 (pipe ventilation) according to user requirements. If users need other protection levels, they can be supplied separately.
The cooling methods of this series of motors are IC01, IC81W, IC611, IC616 according to the standards of GB / T1993 and IEC34-6 "Cooling Methods of Rotating Electrical Machines". If users need other cooling methods, they can be supplied separately.
The structure and installation type of this series of motors is IMB3 (horizontal type with feet), which complies with the requirements of GB / T997 and IEC34-7 "Motor Structure and Installation Type Code".
Advantages of Xima YX series 6KV / 10KV large high-efficiency high-voltage motor
1 Optimized electromagnetic design
This series of motors are optimized by electromagnetic design, and the size, air gap, slot fit and slot shape are fully optimized. The size of the motor is reasonably matched and the performance of the motor is optimal.
2. Low harmonic winding
This series of motors use low harmonic windings to reduce the stator copper loss and stray losses of the motor and improve the motor's operating efficiency.
3High-strength magnetic slot wedge After long-term research, our company has adopted high-strength magnetic slot wedge, stable slot wedge fastening process and material, successfully solved the problem of magnetic slot wedge falling, and improved the electrical performance of the motor.
4Optimized ventilation and cooling system Adopt centrifugal fan, axial fan, etc. to optimize the internal and external ventilation system of the motor, improve the cooling effect, reduce the ventilation loss of the motor (especially high-speed motor), reduce the ventilation noise, and improve the efficiency of the motor.
5 Insulation system This series adopts various insulation systems with comprehensively improved performance. The tgδ-voltage characteristics, tgδ-temperature characteristics, bending strength, breakdown voltage test, and thermal aging electrical aging test all show that this series of insulation systems have reached the first-class level. This series uses high-quality mica tape, environmentally-friendly impregnating resin, and completes each process of coil production on CNC winding machines, sizing machines and tape wrapping machines, and finally is processed by VPI. Therefore, the insulation performance is reliable, the mechanical strength is good, and the moisture resistance is strong.
6High efficiency The efficiency of this series of motors is based on the efficiency of JB / T7593, JB / T10315.1, JB / T10315.2, GB / T13957, which reduces the loss by 20%, and meets the requirements of IE2 high-efficiency motors. It is truly high efficiency. The motor can greatly improve the operating efficiency of customers, and is a national energy-saving and benefiting civil engineering product.
3.Xima YX series 6KV / 10KV large-scale high-efficiency high-voltage motors . This range of motors can be used to drive a variety of general machinery such as compressors, fans, water pumps, cutting machine tools, transportation machinery and other mechanical equipment. In the mining, machinery industry, It is used as a prime mover in various industrial and mining enterprises such as the petrochemical industry and power plants. The motors of blowers, coal mills, steel mills, winders, crushers, belt conveyors and other machinery used to drive large moments of inertia should provide relevant technical information when signing the order, sign a technical agreement as the basis for the special design of the motor, and select a derivative Series of dedicated motors to ensure reliable motor operation. For more information about Xima's high-efficiency motors, please go to the official website:
Basic conditions for normal motor operation:
aAltitude does not exceed 1000m;
b The maximum ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C; the minimum ambient air temperature is -15 ° C for motors using rolling bearings, 5 ° C for motors using sliding bearings; 5 ° C for YXKS series motors;
c For YXKS series motors, the temperature of the cooling water at the cooler inlet does not exceed 33 ° C, and the minimum temperature is 5 ° C;
d The wettest month's average monthly maximum relative humidity is 90%, and the mean monthly minimum temperature of the month is not higher than 25 ° C;
e Power frequency is 50Hz ± 1%;
f The working voltage change range is not more than ± 5% of the rated voltage;
The motor rating is continuous operation SI.
4.Xima YX series 6KV / 10KV large high-efficiency high-voltage motor model description
The motor model is composed of the product code and the specification code in order according to the provisions of GB4831. The product code is represented by the motor series code, which has the following meaning:
YX 500- 4 4-pole center height 500 (mm)
Squirrel-cage rotor high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor V. Xima YX series 6KV / 10KV large high-efficiency high-voltage motor structure description
YX is the basic series, the protection class is IP23, and the cooling method is IC01. Remove the protective cover on the top of its base and install different protective covers (or coolers) to derive motors with various protection levels and cooling methods, such as YXKS (air-water cooling), YXQF (climate protection), YXKK (air-air cooling) series motors.
The motor adopts the internationally popular box-type structure, and the frame and end cover are made of welded steel plates. It has good rigidity and light weight. After removing the protective cover (or cooler), you can observe and touch the inside of the motor, which is convenient for the installation of the motor, service.
The stator adopts external press-fitting structure. The stator winding adopts F-class insulation material and anti-halo material. The winding ends are fixed by special binding technology, which is firm and reliable. The entire stator is treated with vacuum pressure impregnation F-level solvent-free paint (VPI). As a result, the motor has excellent and reliable insulation performance and moisture and impact resistance. This series of motors H355 ~ H630 all use magnetic slot wedges. Orders that require non-magnetic slot wedges are not accepted.
Most of this series of motor rat dragon rotors use copper bar rotors. Rat dragon copper bar rotors adopt advanced and reliable welding processes and are fastened in the slot. Reliable operation, a small amount of cast aluminum rotor.
There are two types of bearings: rolling bearing and sliding bearing, which are determined by the power and speed of the motor. The basic type of protection is IP44. If the motor has a higher protection level, the protection level of the bearing will also increase.
Motors with rolling bearing structure have non-stop refueling and draining devices, and are equipped with special refueling tools.
The main outlet box is a sealed structure with protection class IP54. Generally installed on the right side of the motor (viewed from the shaft extension end), and can also be installed on the left side according to user needs. The cable entry holes of the outlet box can be turned up, down, left, and right. There is a separate ground terminal inside the box.
The two-pole motor bearing adopts rolling bearing (H355 ~ 450) and sliding bearing (above H500) structure. The sliding bearing adopts oil ring and pressure oil circulation compound lubrication method.
The internal and external fans of this series of motors are directional, and the motor can only rotate in the specified rotation direction.
The air-to-air cooling structure of the two-pole motor external fan (cooling method IC616) requires a low-voltage power supply.
6. Start of Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Motor (YX, YXKS, YXKK Series)
The rotor of the squirrel-cage asynchronous motor uses advanced calculation technology to calculate the starting temperature rise and stress of the squirrel-cage rotor. To prevent the motor from being damaged early due to excessive starting load.
The user is recommended to check: (1) the moment of inertia of the rotating part of the driven mechanical equipment (converted to the motor speed) should not exceed the value of (load J) in the technical data table; (2) the user's power grid should ensure that the motor is in the starting process The voltage of the motor terminal in the motor is not less than 85% of the rated voltage; (3) The resistance torque characteristic of the driven machine is the resistance torque characteristic of pumps and fans.
Under the above conditions, the motor is allowed to start twice in the actual cold state, and the motor is naturally stopped between the two starts; or it is started once in the hot state of the motor. Restarting the motor beyond the above limits should be stopped after 1 hour.
If the moment of inertia of the mechanical rotating part of the motor drive exceeds the value of (Load J) in the technical data sheet, or the motor is required to be started frequently, or the motor may be started with a heavy load, please contact the manufacturer in advance for special Designed to ensure reliable starting of the motor.
The air-to-air cooling structure of the two-pole motor external fan, the main motor needs to be started after the cooling fan is started.
Seven, Xima YX series 6KV / 10KV large high-efficiency high-voltage motor ordering instructions , please specify the following when ordering:
(1) Motor model: (YX500-4)
(2) Rated frequency: (50Hz)
(3) Rated power: (1000kW)
(4) Rated voltage: (6kV)
(5) Number of poles: (4 poles)
(6) Protection level: (IP23)
(7) Cooling method: (IC01)
(8) Installation type: (IMB3)
(9) Direction of rotation: [Clockwise (looking at the end of the motor shaft extension)]
(10) Outlet box position: [Right side of motor (looking at the end of motor shaft extension)]
YX series 6KV / 10KV high-efficiency high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor ordering precautions:
a Check the moment of inertia of the driven machinery (converted to the speed of the motor), please refer to Chapter 6: Starting of Squirrel Cage Motors;
b. If there are changes in working conditions or other special requirements, an additional technical agreement is required to sign an order contract;
c The technical performance data listed in the table in the sample are guaranteed values and can be included in the technical agreement as the assessment standard.
d. This series of motors H355 ~ H630 all use magnetic slot wedges. Non-magnetic slot wedges are not accepted for orders.
eThe internal and external fans of this series of motors have directionality. When ordering, the direction of motor rotation must be specified.
f For imported parts, our company only purchases the brand products and does not limit the origin.
gOur company only provides the necessary spare parts for electric motors, and does not provide standard, additional accessories (such as wrenches, valves, etc.) that customers can purchase in the market.
h Our company can provide YRX, YRXKK, YXL, YXKSL, YXKKL and other high-efficiency high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors other than this prototype, and another technical agreement is required to sign an order contract.
With the advancement of technology and the modification of domestic and foreign standards, the technical data and dimensions in the sample are subject to change without notice. After ordering, please ask our company for the official outline drawing.

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